Tips to keep your skin always flawless!

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Our skin is what makes us who we are on the outside, and making it look amazing is a must-do because hydrated, soft and healthy skin is just the best!

It's not about pretending you are younger or fighting against aging, it is about having elasticity and a beautiful glow always!

Our skin can get damaged from the sun rays, the type of weather it is exposed to and even what we eat.  Here are some useful tips to keep beautiful skin without big efforts:

1. Water: Water is life. Our body is made of 80% water. It's best if you drink a lot of water of fruit juices which give us a plus. Fruits have vitamins that can help our skin. Mila Jovovich says she showers at least twice a day and drink 4 liters of water a day to keep flexibility and glow.

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2. Less sun: Sun rays are extremely harmful to your skin. If you love tanning but don't protect your skin you are then, contributing to have moles and spots that in some cases might lead to skin cancer. Also your skin gets dry and loses its elasticity, wrinkles will appear sooner, so do like gorgeous Nicole Kidman. She is always protecting her skin with sunscreen. She also wears sunglasses outside and she says it is important to use natural products like aloe to hydrate it.

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3. Sleep at least 8 hour a day: Old advice but certainly true. The body needs to rest and that's why it is very important to sleep a lot because that is how your body renews its energy and repairs the damage, absorbs the nutrients and your skin is fully renewed once you wake up. Beyoncé says this is her big secret for having a perfect shiny skin.

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4. Natural oils and homemade masks: This tip is also an "oldie but goodie" Using what you have at home to clean, hydrate and keep your skin flawless all the time!

You have no excuses, use olive oil for hands, elbows, knees, and heels. Olive oil has a great potential to help your cells to grow fully renewed. Aloe is a great option to use every day because it has healing properties and it is totally natural. Milk, honey, and sugar are a great combination to exfoliate your body. A big fan of these homemade remedies is Jennifer Lopez, who says her grandmother was the person who taught her to take care of her skin.

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5. We are what we eat: Your diet has a lot to do with your appearance, food can not only make you look bloated. It also determines how healthy your skin is or not. If you love junk food, remember to equilibrate, but... how? Well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so be really careful and eat for example cereal with milk, fruity juice with a tuna sandwich, hazelnuts are great and they are great to give you energy. Pancakes and honey, cranberries, redberries and grapes have natural antioxidants to slow aging. Selena Gomez, Cara DeLevigne and Taylor Swift are big fans of these healthy diets because as they say, your skin is your presentation to the world.


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6. Don't forget to remove makeup: Hey! This is really important, makeup is amazing. We love makeup and we love tutorials, and we love everything about how makeup makes girls more beautiful than they are, but makeup is not natural. It is not something that comes with skin, so it is good to use it, but alway remove it. That way you let your skin breath. Your pores need oxygen. If you have makeup all over, your skin won't be able to renew, instead it will absorb the properties of your makeup and the results aren't nice. Use a professional remover for this, wash your face with clean water and dry with a soft towel.

Alicia keys has revolutionized the world this year, she decided to go fully natural and is not wearing makeup. She says her skin looks and feel much better. She is very proud that girls are following her on this... Are you willing to try a no makeup day?? Let us know below in the comments.

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