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Inspiration For a Fancy XMAS Deco!

Posted on December 08, 2016 | 0 comments

You have been waiting the whole year for Christmas, the lights, the trees and everything related to it. Here are some great ideas for you to make your home the most beautiful and fancy so your family and friends love it!

The Tree

Classic red and golden lights are coming back, remember to put attention to details when putting your tree, don’t hang a lot of things so it doesn’t look cheap but remember to keep the spirit in it, don’t make it minimalist, instead make it shine in contrast to your living room.







    Pinehurst Spruce Instant Evergreen all beautifully lit up at night.: Nostalgic Christmas Decorations: Our exclusive Parisian Christmas 60-pc. Ornament Collection adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your holiday tree. In traditional burgundy and gold, these curated glass ornaments are painted or embellished by hand with sequins, crystals, beads and faux pearls.:

Source: Pinterest


The Wreaths

This is a beautiful ornament for your door, the wreath is the practically the face of your home to the outside, so get one that combines with the decor inside and that gives you that xmas feeling we all love.


  Christmas Door Wreaths - Winter Christmas Wreath for Door  Red and by marigoldsdesigns, $87.00: Beachy Sanddollar/Starfish Deco Mesh Wreath:

Source: Pinterest

Here you have three beautiful wreaths representing the individuality of their owners, so you can actually make any combination or theme!



There is a lot you can use to create the perfect environment for xmas, here you have just a few beautiful ornaments to get some inspiration:



Tiny Gingerbread Houses | 62 Impossibly Adorable Ways To Decorate This Christmas:

Love this idea...vanilla scented pillar candle, surrounded by cinnamon sticks and wrapped with twine!!:


Lovely cookies and a cup of hot chocolate!



Candles are lovely for a quiet night or dinner with family.



                          Now, you too can have the same Amber BPA-Free Plastic Bottles and High Quality Black Pump Tops the team at Southern Zoomer uses to bottle their Premium Sweet Almond Oil. Our customers love them! What: Un bocal en verre, du papier, ruban, fils chenille, pompons et yeux mobiles et voilà un joli renne pour Noël:


Source: Pinterest


The Lights

This is what gives you the feeling, lights cause a beautiful effect and we are crazy about it:

Wine Bottle with String Lights for Table Centerpiece.:

Source: Pinterest

This a great idea and you can do it at home with old bottles.


Christmas Decor :: Inspiration for Your Home. love these ligths!:

Source: Pinterest

Perfect for those xmas cold nights in your bedroom!


We hope you like this post and share it, so everybody get inspired for holidays, share with us your opinion and pictures of your decoration!






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Empower your natural beauty! Less is more:

Posted on December 01, 2016 | 0 comments
The lattest trend has a lot to do with makeup and girls doing art with it, counturing comes from the magazines to reality becoming a daily must-do for today's woman but this year about to end is giving us some clues about the new trend coming, and it reinforces the "love yourself" culture which translates into working with your own natural beauty.
Thick eyebrows , messy hair, light mascara, tinted lips:
Source: Instagram

Work on your skin

The most important to have a beautiful skin is to hydrate it constantly to keep it soft and give you glow.
Use natural products to protect it such as Aloe or use products like Nivea or Clean&Clear hydratation line to wash it, then exfoliate your black spots and moisturize.
World's Most Beautiful Celebs, No Makeup Photos :
Source: Instagram

Don't contour unless is needed

Conturing is amazing and it gives you a great look, but is not for everyday or your skin might get damaged by using that amount of make up. Give it a rest and just use a nice cover, blush and lipstick if you want it. This is the basic makeup kit for looking flawless, and for your eyebrows just use a brush.
Beautiful Redheads and Friends:
Source: Pinterest

The perfect lipstick is your own lip color

If you want to look pretty, natural and fresh, start with your lips, lipstick is cute, sexy and fun but you can cause the same effect just with your red, soft and hydratated lips. Put some cacao oil on them everyday before going to bed, in less than a week you'll look like her:
Source: Instagram

Your hair and nails are great to make you look glowing

Use shampoo once a week and co-wash it 3 times a week with a hydrating cream or natural products such as eggs, aloe and some people even use beer to give it volume; while your nails should be always clean and strong, if you want paint them to make them look cool but not so heavy.
Source: Instagram
There you have some tips to look natural, less is more so show who you are!

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Tips to keep your skin always flawless!

Posted on November 22, 2016 | 0 comments

Our skin is what makes us who we are on the outside, and making it look amazing is a must-do because hydrated, soft and healthy skin is just the best!

It's not about pretending you are younger or fighting against aging, it is about having elasticity and a beautiful glow always!

Our skin can get damaged from the sun rays, the type of weather it is exposed to and even what we eat.  Here are some useful tips to keep beautiful skin without big efforts:

1. Water: Water is life. Our body is made of 80% water. It's best if you drink a lot of water of fruit juices which give us a plus. Fruits have vitamins that can help our skin. Mila Jovovich says she showers at least twice a day and drink 4 liters of water a day to keep flexibility and glow.

Source: Instagram

2. Less sun: Sun rays are extremely harmful to your skin. If you love tanning but don't protect your skin you are then, contributing to have moles and spots that in some cases might lead to skin cancer. Also your skin gets dry and loses its elasticity, wrinkles will appear sooner, so do like gorgeous Nicole Kidman. She is always protecting her skin with sunscreen. She also wears sunglasses outside and she says it is important to use natural products like aloe to hydrate it.

Source: Facebook

3. Sleep at least 8 hour a day: Old advice but certainly true. The body needs to rest and that's why it is very important to sleep a lot because that is how your body renews its energy and repairs the damage, absorbs the nutrients and your skin is fully renewed once you wake up. Beyoncé says this is her big secret for having a perfect shiny skin.

Source: Instagram

4. Natural oils and homemade masks: This tip is also an "oldie but goodie" Using what you have at home to clean, hydrate and keep your skin flawless all the time!

You have no excuses, use olive oil for hands, elbows, knees, and heels. Olive oil has a great potential to help your cells to grow fully renewed. Aloe is a great option to use every day because it has healing properties and it is totally natural. Milk, honey, and sugar are a great combination to exfoliate your body. A big fan of these homemade remedies is Jennifer Lopez, who says her grandmother was the person who taught her to take care of her skin.

Source: Instagram


5. We are what we eat: Your diet has a lot to do with your appearance, food can not only make you look bloated. It also determines how healthy your skin is or not. If you love junk food, remember to equilibrate, but... how? Well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so be really careful and eat for example cereal with milk, fruity juice with a tuna sandwich, hazelnuts are great and they are great to give you energy. Pancakes and honey, cranberries, redberries and grapes have natural antioxidants to slow aging. Selena Gomez, Cara DeLevigne and Taylor Swift are big fans of these healthy diets because as they say, your skin is your presentation to the world.


Source: Instagram


6. Don't forget to remove makeup: Hey! This is really important, makeup is amazing. We love makeup and we love tutorials, and we love everything about how makeup makes girls more beautiful than they are, but makeup is not natural. It is not something that comes with skin, so it is good to use it, but alway remove it. That way you let your skin breath. Your pores need oxygen. If you have makeup all over, your skin won't be able to renew, instead it will absorb the properties of your makeup and the results aren't nice. Use a professional remover for this, wash your face with clean water and dry with a soft towel.

Alicia keys has revolutionized the world this year, she decided to go fully natural and is not wearing makeup. She says her skin looks and feel much better. She is very proud that girls are following her on this... Are you willing to try a no makeup day?? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Instagram




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Having a bad day? Here is what you need to do to cheer yourself up!

Posted on November 14, 2016 | 0 comments

Looking for a Friend Bear


Being positive and cheerful is not always as easy as it seems, many people having a bad day and many people saying "hey! feel better" and you are like? "Really? that's your advice?"

The thing is that its hard just "to feel better" when having different thoughts or being extremely worried and stressed out.

Having a bad day can last even, more than one day, but you need to work hard and create healthy habits that will make your world shine and your mind feel calmed.
In this post, we will share with you some good advice for you to feel ok and leave that black cloud in the past:

1. Be on your own:

Being lonely for a while is not that bad, it helps you think, it makes you go deep inside of you and see who you are and what you want, so don't be afraid of taking time just for you and reboot your own self from the root.


alone, bridge, female


2. Be grateful:

Life can be mean sometimes, but you got to remember the good moments, the gift universe had given you and be thankful for that, for your health, for your accomplishments, for your moments of cheers and joy, for your home, your car and even your lipstick. Think about those who have nothing else than themselves, no family nor friends, and even no health or way to afford a decent life. Be always grateful for being here, now and everyday.


advertisement, advertising, font


3. Remember you cannot control everything:

There are some situations that are not under our control and we can't do anything about it but just wait and let things happen. That's the way you solve it, letting everything flow and being supportive with yourself, don't judge yourself, don't blame yourself for things that are not really your fault.

controller, gamer, gaming


4. Focus on what is really important:

Follow your path, set your goal and just go for it, anything else is extra and it can be solved, so sit down, think about what you really want and leave the bad moment aside, it will end and you will feel good because you stayed strong with the eyes where you need them to look at.


Young woman thinking with pen while working / studying at her desk


5. Give yourself a pleasure:

Being positive and working your mind is certainly important but your body is also very important. Schedule a date and go to a spa, do your hair and relax, everything looks better when you are completely relaxed and massaged.

beauty, girl, mask

6. Go shopping:

Go alone or with some of your friends, try on some clothes, look for that pair of shoes you've been wanting for months and have a fun day at the mall. This is a really good therapy and you will feel happy immediately.


2 Person Sitting on the Chair While at the Side of Store during Day Time

7. Listen to the Backstreet Boys:

sounds silly? Well, even if you are not 10 years old or not living in the 90's boy bands from our childhood are the best to bring back memories and even make you dance like it is 1999... so go on, listen to Nick Carter or Justin Timberlake way out loud and feel amazing!


Vinyl Record

8. Call your bae:

Ask for ice cream and chocolate and get in bed to watch Pretty Woman, whatever happens later is up to you!


beach, california, couple

9. Guilty pleasures are fun:

Yep, this explains itself, do something that usually you don't do... You know it will make you feel a lot better.


candy, chocolate, delicious

Share with us your story, tell us what makes you feel better and let us know if this advice is helpful for you!

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Fashion daily trends for this fall season, you’re gonna love it!

Posted on November 08, 2016 | 0 comments

Brown as the falling leaves.

The Clothes Horse: Olivia of What Olivia Did:

Source: Pinterest

Brown, hats and blue jeans to feel super fashion.


Ideas de Moda Otoño-Invierno 2013:

Source: Pinterest

More brown, leggings and wool comfy and cute.


Pinterest ; sammymcgilli:

Source: Pinterest

Very 90 with this skirt and the striped sweater looks awesome.



Black and leather, always chic.


Source: Pinterest

Leathered jacked to give you the “Look” a sexy skirt and short boots and you’ll nail it.


During the winter months one of my favorite go to outfit is tights with a skirt or dress. I love how effortless it is to create an outfit from a few pieces, yet still being able to look like you spent time getting dressed and looking put together. I typically...:

Source: Pinterest

The lovely patterned tights are perfect, sophisticated, modern and cool.



Autumn colors.

#fall #fashion / red                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

Source: Pinterest

Wine, it is on this season, and it goes with everything. This outfit is casual and sexy at the same time; the long boots are just perfect.


I kinda can't wait for it to be cool enough to wear this stuff. But here, it gets into the 90s daily well into September. ugh.:

Source: Pinterest

Comfy and very trendy. The braided hair, the boots (so 90), and the combination of colors. Approved!


Black skinnies + beige/brown booties + white tee + red/black flannel + beige hat:

Source: Pinterest

Be grunge and stylish with this look, it embraces all we love about autumn and fashion.


We are going places!

8 fall outfits for women everyone can wear:

Source: Pinterest

A Californian girl goes to the office, add white to your outfit and you’re done!


Why can't I live somewhere that I wouldn't die from heatstroke wearing this :

Source: Pinterest

Casual, cute and stylish with a nice scarf.


Why do I have to add a 'short description' if I don't feel like it! Stupid Pinterest. Don't tell me what to do :P:

Source: Pinterest

College is fashion if you know how to create the perfect combination, this one is one of our favorites.


Find More at => minus hat:

Source: Pinterest

Let’s go on a date! Take your heels and match them with a nice autumn outfit, you’ll blow his mind.


We hope you like this outfits ideas, combine what you have, create something new, unique and comfy but always fashion. Share your pictures with us to check your style and connect!

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