Realistic New Years Resolutions!

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Every year is the same, we are excited for a new beginning and for all the new opportunities we have to renew our life... But, honestly by the end of the year we haven't accomplished most of our goals and it is so frustrating!

In this post we will help you realize what are the goals you actually can reach and how to, so join us!


Instead of "Lose weight" try to work out.

Why? It's easier than just drastically stop eating.
How? Motivate yourself with a reward (maybe a healthy snack).



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Quit soda and try smoothies!

Why? Because you might be addicted to soda, so you need to quit and replace it or you'll back to it after a week.
How? Try healty drinks such as smoothies and sweet fruit juices.


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Goodbye to the F word!

Why? It's a bad habit.
How? The old jar trick is a good way, but instead of using your money, use the money from your bills, that way you won't even dare to say a bad word.


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10 minutes meditation!

You always pay for a whole month of Yoga lessons and you forget about it. Now just take 10 minutes of the day just for you.

Why? Because you need it!
How? Instead of procrastinating for hours, take just 10 little minutes to watch your breath and let your worries behind.


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Start cooking!

Why? Because spending your money on Starbucks every day is not healthy and very expensive.
How? Go step by step and get inspired by all the food porn all over the internet,believe or not it is easy and helpful!



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Making your new years resolution is easy, but be careful and be aware of your own capacity to accomplish each one of your challenges.

Tell us about your resolutions and share with us yor advices for others!





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