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If you want to get a new look but haven’t decided between a pixie haircut or long pure red locks, then it’s your moment to get excited because a new trend is arriving to the beauty and fashion world, and has a name: pastel locks, and it looks like it’s here to stay, just give a quick search of the hashtag hair, pastel or dye on Instagram and start to see the pastel colors shining on your phone screen, the look has roots in the pastel goth trend but has evolved to a whole new beast, and the best thing of all… it can come in many different styles and almost infinite combinations, here are several interesting hairstyles four you to have a look and think of which one will make you look amazing.



Pink blonde!

It´s maybe the most popular style of these unnatural yet amazingly beautiful hair color pallet and it’s a degraded blonde with the tips ending on pale /rose pink, and it’s the first step for many blondies who were tired of that traditional and boring color and into this crazy world of fun hair color, some famous people who have used the look are Lady Gaga, Cara Delevinge, Nicki Minaj and obviously famous for pink, P!nk.


The granny hair

The platinum pure grey hair is an amazing alternative and it is getting some protagonism in the hash tags realm, doesn’t matter your skin tone, it just looks amazing, it also favors most of the face shape types and the best part of all, if you are not convinced once having this style you can easily revert it to a more traditional blond, some famous demonstrators of this style are Dasha Polanco, Ariana Grande and even Adam Lambert a male singer.


Miss Minty Green

This is a more crazy and fun look, and also kind of more edgy, it tends to favors thin faces and short hairstyles,  like pixie, bobs or bangs, this is a more punk rock approach to the style with great results if done properly, you should also combine your hair color with your clothing, being creative your green locks will help you create fun outfits to tell the world how sparkly and crazy fun is to be friends with you. Very important, try to keep the green less saturated and more pastel,  too much green can ruin lots of outfit combinations or possibilities,  and with that, a lot of the fun. Between the famous people spotted with the style outside of St. Patrick’s day there are: Lauren Conrad, Hillary Duff, Kylie Jenner and Azealia Banks


Purple princess

When red, pink or silver are not an option because of your skin color and face shape but green is too edgy try a more mystical approach, pastel purple can be your niche, experimenting with this color can be really fun, it allows you to look completely different, giving some room to creativity when combining clothes and enhances the sense of freedom and individuality in everybody’s eye, you are an indomitable and mystical beast in a fairytale forest.


Blue & Demin dye

Okay, we have tackled pink, green and silver platinum, now it is time to give a shootout to the blue  and Demin style, Blue color and Demin have long been a wardrobe staple, but this season women are wearing it on their head. Just like the color of your favorite jeans, it has limitless potential outfit combinations depending on the shared you are wearing, it goes with everything! Between its famous users there are:  Demi Lovato, Gaga the queen of hair color, and Jaime King


All of these colors work wonders for your style and many celebrities have been spotted using them, the challenge is for you to come out with the perfect combination for your skin tone, outfits and overall look, perhaps more lila, fuchsia cyan or lemon yellow, or maybe trying and experimenting with colors can get you to a whole new look and even become a trend, dying your hair is all about the fun, so remember to have fun with your pastel color dyed hair!






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