Mani Monday - The Best Nail Artists of Instagram

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If you want to give your nails a unique fashion style you must learn some good techniques and most important, you got to let your creativity flow. Here we'll give you a top 11 ('cause 10 isn't just enough) of the best nail artists on Instagram to make your nails look fabulous and amazing.


 @yagala She's a russian girl with a bunch of followers loving her elegant and creative style. She has many different designs and all of them make your nails chic and fashioned, she has a plus, her own online store and if you want to learn some complex techniques, follow her youtube channel.


@narmai She is a dutch self-taught nail artist, who describes herself as a perfectionist (she definitely is when you see her work) and she says she has a love/hate relationship with Social Media but her account is full with loving followers, and once you see her amazing work you'll be crazy about her. So if you like art in your nails and have some patience to learn, follow her and once you've done yours use her hashtag #inspiredbynarmai


@madamluck This girl is a very dedicated mommy who takes nail art as a hobby, she let her creativity flow and the results are lovely! She has a passion for claw-shaped nails and will make you love them too, check out her account and let your creativity work to make your monday much better.


@chalkboardnails Sarah is an artist from Phoenix and is just amazing doing your nails, she has a very natural style wich is perfect if you like short and non-artificial nails. You can get a lot of inspiration from her account to make your nails always fun and beautiful. Variety is her mark and we all love it. Visit her site to get amazed.


@hannahroxit Hannah is a nail artist and blogger doing beautiful nails, she likes vibrant colors and a retro touch in natural nails that you will love a lot. She got to do @zoesaldana nails for her prince inspired photo shoot, so follow her and find great designs for you nails.

 @lieve91 This account is just awesome, she does all on her natural nails, she makes your nails part of your dress, she gets her inspiration from fashion designers, so it will be easy for you to combined your clothes with your nails. Awesome right?


@followthatway Her name is Annabel and she is great, besides being a nail artist, she is a wine drinker too! Follow her and you'll fall in love with the sweet and lovely designs she has for you, most of them are flowered and very delicate, but modern. here is an example:


@thesammersaurus This beautiful nail artist shows how chic and creative you can be. Sammy has a very girly style and also loves food (check her IG to see) You can have universe in your nails or pokeballs, it's up to you!


@kellimarissa This account has it all, from nails to makeup and more. She has many techniques to share, and also giveaways! As a plus she has a youtube channel full of amazing tutorials for painting your nails and even how to fix a broken one.if you want to be unique and cute, just check her out:



@Aliciatnails Alicia Torello is a very minimalist and eclectic nail artist. She has a great style and very easy designs you can put on your nails. She's known to have done Jennifer lawrence's nails, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and even the amazing Oprah which was for her an insane experience but very rewarding.



@banicured_ Very original and fun, Bana is located in LA, she works as a Freelance nail tech and also has a youtube channel with some of her techniques. Her nails are so trendy and definitely not boring, perfect for your monday.








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