Let’s welcome @Fionastark and her inspiring art on instagram!

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There is a lot going on when you get on Instagram, today we want you to meet this amazing artist who has nailed it with her celebs illustrations.

Get ready to start scrolling down on her profile and get all that inspiration you need to draw what you love. Fiona's art is totally digital and totally cute, her illustrations are so amazing that cosmopolitan, Cavalli and other instagramers are crazy about them and many artists have reposted her beautiful pics.

Like the gorgeous @micahgianneli

@hudabeauty is also in love with Fiona's art, just look how she puts realism in a drawing, the eyes look so real that you think they're looking right at you!


Oh here is Riri, our sexy girl, in this illustration she looks like a queen!


And what about Kylie Jenner? She can manage all the looks she has tried and put them together in her art... Lovely!


Fiona is just great, she is definitely inspiring because she shows us not only the amazing artist she is, also she is dedicated and most important of all, she is loving it!

Instagram is a great place to show your talent and this is something Fiona knows well, give the best you have and do it with real love and you'll get the best results.  




And finally we want to share with you guys, these amazing art pieces she did for us!



We would really love you to check her pics and tell us if you like them, and what you think of her, you know we love her, so share with us your thoughts and follow her to keep up with her amazing art.


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