How to selfie for Instagram!

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We love pics, we love to share with others how cute and perfect we look, but sometimes we are not "selfie material" and honestly some people just hate selfies...

But here you'll learn how to love them and how to look like a selfie queen, just like Kim K or any of her sisters...


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Kim is the expert when we talk about selfies, and we can't deny it. She says that one important detail to take the perfect selfie is light, make sure you have natural illumination or a white napkin that way you'll enlighten what you want to show; Kimmy also loves the duck face, people hate it but let's face it, it does look sexy on her, so try to practice to look sexy instead of crazy.

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Meet Tess Holliday, she's also great with selfies, one of her tips is not to angle the phone, instead of putting your smartphone above your face put it right in front so that your head won't look big and you can show all you are!


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Don't be too serious, selfies are great if you look natural and spontaneous, so try to be yourself, play with the camera, do funny faces and have fun. We love how Miley is great with selfies, she looks cute and not afraid of showing her funny side.

Source: Instagram

Filters are great but only if you use the right one, just look L.Gaga is so gorgeous, looks natural, sexy and added "Myfair" to enhance her selfie.

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You can be cute, just look the right pose and face, like Riri in this lovely selfie, not glamorous, not fancy, simple and natural.

Source: Instagram

Jenny is gorgeous, try her trick, put the sun right behind you and your camera close to your face.

To change perspective just angle your phone above you and the person you are!


Follow these tips and share your selfies with us!

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