Having a bad day? Here is what you need to do to cheer yourself up!

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Being positive and cheerful is not always as easy as it seems, many people having a bad day and many people saying "hey! feel better" and you are like? "Really? that's your advice?"

The thing is that its hard just "to feel better" when having different thoughts or being extremely worried and stressed out.

Having a bad day can last even, more than one day, but you need to work hard and create healthy habits that will make your world shine and your mind feel calmed.
In this post, we will share with you some good advice for you to feel ok and leave that black cloud in the past:

1. Be on your own:

Being lonely for a while is not that bad, it helps you think, it makes you go deep inside of you and see who you are and what you want, so don't be afraid of taking time just for you and reboot your own self from the root.


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2. Be grateful:

Life can be mean sometimes, but you got to remember the good moments, the gift universe had given you and be thankful for that, for your health, for your accomplishments, for your moments of cheers and joy, for your home, your car and even your lipstick. Think about those who have nothing else than themselves, no family nor friends, and even no health or way to afford a decent life. Be always grateful for being here, now and everyday.


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3. Remember you cannot control everything:

There are some situations that are not under our control and we can't do anything about it but just wait and let things happen. That's the way you solve it, letting everything flow and being supportive with yourself, don't judge yourself, don't blame yourself for things that are not really your fault.

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4. Focus on what is really important:

Follow your path, set your goal and just go for it, anything else is extra and it can be solved, so sit down, think about what you really want and leave the bad moment aside, it will end and you will feel good because you stayed strong with the eyes where you need them to look at.


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5. Give yourself a pleasure:

Being positive and working your mind is certainly important but your body is also very important. Schedule a date and go to a spa, do your hair and relax, everything looks better when you are completely relaxed and massaged.

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6. Go shopping:

Go alone or with some of your friends, try on some clothes, look for that pair of shoes you've been wanting for months and have a fun day at the mall. This is a really good therapy and you will feel happy immediately.


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7. Listen to the Backstreet Boys:

sounds silly? Well, even if you are not 10 years old or not living in the 90's boy bands from our childhood are the best to bring back memories and even make you dance like it is 1999... so go on, listen to Nick Carter or Justin Timberlake way out loud and feel amazing!


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8. Call your bae:

Ask for ice cream and chocolate and get in bed to watch Pretty Woman, whatever happens later is up to you!


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9. Guilty pleasures are fun:

Yep, this explains itself, do something that usually you don't do... You know it will make you feel a lot better.


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Share with us your story, tell us what makes you feel better and let us know if this advice is helpful for you!

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