Empower your natural beauty! Less is more:

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The lattest trend has a lot to do with makeup and girls doing art with it, counturing comes from the magazines to reality becoming a daily must-do for today's woman but this year about to end is giving us some clues about the new trend coming, and it reinforces the "love yourself" culture which translates into working with your own natural beauty.
Thick eyebrows , messy hair, light mascara, tinted lips:
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Work on your skin

The most important to have a beautiful skin is to hydrate it constantly to keep it soft and give you glow.
Use natural products to protect it such as Aloe or use products like Nivea or Clean&Clear hydratation line to wash it, then exfoliate your black spots and moisturize.
World's Most Beautiful Celebs, No Makeup Photos :
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Don't contour unless is needed

Conturing is amazing and it gives you a great look, but is not for everyday or your skin might get damaged by using that amount of make up. Give it a rest and just use a nice cover, blush and lipstick if you want it. This is the basic makeup kit for looking flawless, and for your eyebrows just use a brush.
Beautiful Redheads and Friends:
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The perfect lipstick is your own lip color

If you want to look pretty, natural and fresh, start with your lips, lipstick is cute, sexy and fun but you can cause the same effect just with your red, soft and hydratated lips. Put some cacao oil on them everyday before going to bed, in less than a week you'll look like her:
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Your hair and nails are great to make you look glowing

Use shampoo once a week and co-wash it 3 times a week with a hydrating cream or natural products such as eggs, aloe and some people even use beer to give it volume; while your nails should be always clean and strong, if you want paint them to make them look cool but not so heavy.
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There you have some tips to look natural, less is more so show who you are!
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