Chokers are the new celebrity trend, and we love it!

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The latest fashion shows are bringing 90's back, we have seen how fashion recycles everything, the hipster lifestyle is all about vintage look and retro items, so fashion is becoming a boomerang and that's so awesome.

If you grew up in the 90's you know all about the sparkling jelly for your skin, the flower hair clips, crop tops everywhere, and much more... Well, chokers are back, those amazing necklaces that gave us the look of a fierce cute girl, the usual plastic tangled choker was something you couldn't live without and now is back and better.

We have seen the queens of these fashion trend wearing all kinds of chokers, the Kardashians club are even creating new styles coming from chokers.

Let's start with Kanye's wifey, Kim K.

She has always been controversial, and is known to be a trend starter, the past days we saw her wearing a very special choker, made of blue jeans, it look very grunge and different, but she has been very criticized by haters saying she looks cheap and tacky... what do you think?

Khloé is also a choker-lover, she loves gold and leather and that give us ideas to look super cool and different at the same time.

Kourtney is as sexy as her sisters; she has shown us how much she loves chokers. She combines her style with the versatility of chokers... Lovely!

Then we have the super-hot Kylie Jenner, she as a 90's knows how to rule this choker trend, we have seen her wearing many of them but she definitely loves those with a ribbon or... diamonds, yes, you know, girl's best friends are shiny.

Finally the queen of choker lovers in this family, Kendall Jenner, she can't live without this gorgeous item, you can look for pictures of her wearing chokers and you'll be amazed, from fine golden chokers to those lovely ones you can tie around your neck... She has such a great taste for chokers and her neck is perfect for them.

Source: PinterestSource: PinterestSource: PinterestSource: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

This new trend has many famous fans, like Cara Delevingne, who demonstrates that chokers can also be formal, and how versatile this accessory can get, pull this off for night/cocktail dresses, just add little sparkles and it will turn into the focus point of the outfit, get modern and add pearls, or vintage with a diamond or Swarovski crystal brooch.

Emma Stone, using sweetheart dazzling a prom choker, a sparkly ray of white diamonds shining in the beautiful pale skin of the neck of the sweetest and most angelical looking face in Hollywood, prove that jewelry chokers are back, white gold diamonds are a must use for clear/white night dresses, the sparkly magic can make your whole outfit stand out giving you a heavenly look.        

Rihanna embraces the choker trend, and rocks some old school choker style; a basic black band is an awesome alternative, but the overall look gains power when worn with a silver or shiny brooch and is also a great enhancer for any black clothing outfits.

Beautiful Taylor Swift is also a fan, we have seen her on the red carpet wearing chokers, a golden and shiny choker combined with a formal black dress made her look like a goddess.

Hot Katy Perry is a huge fan of chokers; she likes variety, from a colored band to a gothic style of choker, and looks awesome.

This is all about the 90's coming back and better, remember Alicia Silverstone, Natalie Portman in the great movie "Leo", Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and almost all 90's girls who love this trend? We have now almost all Hollywood loving it, are you in?


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