Which chain length is right for you?

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Nameplate jewelry makes for the perfect personalized gift for a friend or for yourself. If you're purchasing a gold plated necklace, for example, having an attractive nameplate is just one part of the gift equation. You'll also want to purchase a necklace chain that is the right length.

Chains that are too short can feel restrictive, while chains that are too long can cause the necklace to have more movement that can be bothersome.

Neck size is the easiest way to determine what length of necklace is right for you. If your neck is 16 inches in size, then an 18 inch necklace would typically be the first option to consider. Longer necklaces will then place the nameplate lower on the chest based on personal preferences.

Our personalized necklaces come with 5 different chain lengths. This allows us to offer our unique gold plated products as gifts for children, teens, or adults.

  • 14 inches. This size is most suited for younger children.
  • 16/18 inches. These sizes work best for teens. Some young adults may also find this length to be suitable for their needs.
  • 20/22 inches. These larger sizes can be quite long for some individuals, but will fit most adults. 

You can also make your gift go viral thanks to the layering options that are provided with our nameplate jewelry. Ordering different nameplates at different chain lengths can provide you with a customized look and our different nameplate options are easy to customize, allowing you to express your personal style or give the perfect gift.

Which chain length is right for you? Use this guide to select the correct length and you'll be able to give the perfect gift today. Shop nameplate necklaces at


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